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    Angel In Leather


    A book in the 1-800-DOM-help series

    Brenna’s a Domme. No apologies. Confident. All attitude. The scent and sound of leather have always turned her on, almost as much as hearing hard-bodied men beg her for it. But a deft hand with a paddle doesn’t make up for lonely nights. She’s looking for a lover, a man who’ll laugh at the comics with her when he’s not moaning with pleasure.

    Rick’s a surgeon without a god complex. Pain’s always made him hard, and being spanked balances a psyche that makes daily life-and-death decisions for other people. His best friend Malcolm suffers the same needs, and when they spot Brenna at a prestigious BDSM club, they’re determined to make the seductive Domme their exclusive mistress.

    Inside Scoop: The Domme in our story, upon occasion, enjoys sharing more than tips with other girls at the club and, though our three lovers share themselves and their pleasure, only one man is going to take Brenna’s heart home in the end.

    A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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    Pack of Her Own


    Book three of Western Wolves

    Helen thought a vacation visiting her BFF in Wyoming would be fun. And those werewolf guys were über-delicious. Too bad car vs. elk never turns out well for the humans in the car. Helen’s only chance at survival is a bite that will save her life…and change her forever. Now she has to deal with single males looking to get to know the pack’s newest female, a best friend who loves her but has no idea how to help a were who wasn’t born that way, and a humongous, brown-eyed, sweet-talking were who changed her—and loves her. Dealing with these males could be harder than learning to walk on four legs.

    A Romantica® paranormal/werewolf erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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    Pack Rescue


    First book of the Western Wolves.

    Fina has a life, a family, a future—until a pack of rogue werewolves kills everyone she loves and tries to tie her to their pack permanently.

    Fina ends up in Wyoming, in the middle of a huge pack led by a sheriff whose streak of badass goes bone-deep. She needs the safety of a pack to figure her next moves but one whiff tells Cutler that Little Miss Hellfire from back east is his mate, and she’s going to be staying with his pack for good. Unfortunately, there’s the tiny complication of his brother Nath, who recognizes immediately that Fina is his mate as well.

    Fina has to navigate pack politics, her own fears and the haunting specter of the rogues who are still after her. Luckily, she has two yummy brothers focused on keeping her safe, and fulfilling her every need.

    A Romantica® ménage paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

    Publisher’s Note: Previously published as When A Pack Dies. The book has been edited for Ellora’s Cave publication.

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    Pack’s Broken Heart


    Book two of the Western Wolves

    Sergeant Owen Wells is finally stateside. He goes home to a place he’s never seen and tries to fit into a werewolf pack that doesn’t take kindly to interloping males. But Owen’s got some skills they need. He’s sent on a covert mission to find out why a neighboring sheriff was murdered and why the hierarchy in that pack is crumbling.

    Problem is, he can’t keep his paws off a certain aggravating female deputy sheriff, even though the pack’s interim sheriff, Tom, is sniffing around her too. All it takes is one pack run to show them that they might be missing out on something wonderful—and that three in bed is the perfect number.

    Now they just have to figure out who the bad guys are and why they’re gunning for Owen.

    Inside Scoop: In their new three-way relationship, Owen and Tom do more than share Suzanne—they enjoy each other in hot male/male interactions.

    A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

    Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere under the title Breakdown of a Pack.