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    Tom is a soldier and sniper on a ship tracking space terrorists. Despite being unlucky at love, he hopes to catch the eye of crewmate Da’shay.

    Da’shay, an exotically beautiful alien with her own very strange ideas, keeps ruining his plans. While Tom loves playing trust games in the bedroom, where he’s happy to let a woman take complete erotic control, in real life he never trusts easily. Da’shay is no exception to that rule.

    But when danger forces Tom to rely on Da’shay, he finds himself drawn to more than just her body. Her strength and her suffering intrigue him. As the conspiracies and blowback threaten the entire crew, Tom finds his loyalties and his love starting to turn toward the one woman he never would have expected.

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    Insistent Hunger


    Paige has a small life in a small town, and that’s fine with her. She’s happy with her chickens, her job as a police officer and her questionable home-improvement skills. However, when her rookie partner shows up on her doorstep one night, everything changes. He’s panicked, bloody, dead—and still begging for help. And Paige is feeling an unfamiliar desire, a primal need for her partner that leaves her shaken and out of control.

    Brady’s dark good looks have attracted the attention of a monster, but that doesn’t mean he has to become a monster. Instincts might whisper about dark thoughts, but he’s trusted Paige with his life on the streets, and he’ll trust her now. If trusting her means learning to ignore his growing hunger for the woman and a visceral need to be in her bed, so be it.

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    Out Of Balance


    College students Jeremy and Ryan both have rocky pasts, but when Ryan discovers his friend has a dangerous fascination for gay bondage, he decides to show Jeremy that giving up control isn’t safe or sexy. He should know—he’s seen the dark side of BDSM up close. However, his plan backfires as the two men find that their needs and desires dovetail nicely. Lust drives them both deeper into a 24/7 lifestyle, but neither of them is prepared to deal with the emotional backlash.

    When fear threatens to destroy their relationship, Jeremy has to not only submit but also find a way to help his Master heal well enough to admit to his own needs. If Jeremy can find a way to confront the past, maybe he can repair their relationship and rediscover their balance as Dominant and submissive. If he fails, they both lose.

    Reader Advisory: Jeremy and Ryan both make some unsafe choices and decisions. Their way is by no means a safe exploration of BDSM. Don’t try this at home!