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What the Media Are Saying About Ellora's Cave



Ellora’s Cave is the recognized leader in both the erotic romance and epublishing industries. In 2012, when erotica experienced a boom in sales, several major media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CBC radio, Time,, Yahoo Shine, and International Business Times interviewed EC CEO Patty Marks about the correlation between the growth of ebooks and erotic fiction, referring to EC as the publishing industry’s sexy secret and one of the biggest erotica ebook publishers of today.


Six years earlier, in 2006, a similar boom also drew media attention to Ellora’s Cave from television, newspapers, magazines and industry blogs. Here are just a few things the media have said about Ellora’s Cave:


“The economics of erotica are undeniable. Ellora’s Cave, which is the first and foremost publisher of erotica, sold just 40 books a month in 2000. Now it sells 190,000.”

—CNBC, April 2012


“… the volume of books it publishes, its early entrance into the market and its focus on bringing women together through the Web site all make Ellora's Cave a force in the industry.”

Publishers Weekly, “It’s Not Just You—It Really Is Hot in Here,” by Bethanne Kelly Patrick, July 24, 2006


“One company that pointed the way to the market for what it now trademarks as "Romantica" is Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.”

The Washington Post, “Romance, Writ Large — A Tried-and-True Genre of Novels Expands, and Business Is Booming,” by Sara Fitzgerald, April 30, 2006


 “It's hard to ignore sales figures like Engler's …. Mainstream publishers have taken notice.”

Associated Press, “Erotica Finds Home in Mainstream Publishing,” April 6, 2006


“The rush to publish has been spurred by the success of small independent publishers such as Ellora's Cave, a Web site founded six years ago by aspiring novelist Tina Engler.”

Crain’s New York Business, “More heat between the covers,” by Matthew Flamm, Feb. 22, 2006


“The most successful publishers, such as Ellora's Cave … offer books online and as downloads, to be selected in private.”

Columbus Dispatch, “Harlequin ventures into erotic fiction with 'Spice,'” by Holly Zachariah, May 26, 2006


“Until recently Engler never advertised her site, but readers found her, and her publishing business grew. By 2004, she had about $1 million in sales. Now, the Borders Group and Barnes & Noble distribute her books.”
CBS News, The Show Buzz, “Erotica Is Out of the Closet,” Aug. 29, 2006


“Tina Engler oversees a small but rapidly growing electronic publishing house, Ellora’s Cave, that trumpets its sexually graphic orientation. Started in 2000, the firm last year posted $5.6 million in sales, more than double the 2004 figures. It now issues eight electronic books a week.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Brazen and Blaze’n, Wauwatosa mom churns out red-hot romance novels,” by Rick Romell, Jan. 15, 2006


 “Borders has seen ‘double digit sales growth’ in erotic romance titles since the national book retailer began carrying novels in the sub-genre in 2004, says spokeswoman Beth Bingham. … Ellora's Cave … is considered a pioneer in the field.”

San Jose Mercury News, March 2006


“Tina has essentially created a new sub-genre of the romance novel. She calls it ‘Romantica,’ a combination of romance and erotica. … But Tina has done more than carve out a new, very popular and lucrative niche in a very popular and lucrative genre. She has created a successful electronic publishing company at the very dawn of e-publishing.”

Weekly Planet, “The Great Escape,” July 1, 2004


Ellora’s Cave has also been featured in numerous other magazines, newspapers and television and radio shows across the United States, including Forbes, The Detroit Free Press, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Baltimore Sun, as well as in Canada, Italy, England, and Australia.



Selected Awards and Recognition


RT BookReviews and Book Lovers Convention: First Annual Trailblazer Award 2009 “for leading the way in electronic books since 2000 and setting the erotic genre on fire”

Romance Writers of NYC: Publisher of the Year 2008

Excerpts from EC books published in Playgirl (January 2007) and Cosmopolitan (December 2006)

The Montel Show, “Debt to Millionaire,” July 14, 2005