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Ellora’s Cave is a cutting edge, sex-positive, digital-first publishing company that has led the revolutions in epublishing, and in erotic romance fiction since 2000, before most people had ever heard of ebooks or erotic romance. Read about our unique origins here and our fascinating founder, the inimitable Jaid Black here, and listen to her entertaining, irreverent and thoroughly bawdy podcast Cave Chaos.


Jaid and the company have been featured in dozens of newspapers, magazines, blogs, television reports and radio shows around the world—and yet, there are still so many more fascinating stories to tell about this business. See what some journalists have said about us here.


Our staff and editors are always happy to tell you interesting things and address your questions, via phone or email. To arrange for media interviews, call our offices at 330-253-3521 or email or, if you’re on a short deadline outside Eastern time zone business hours, text the words “Media Query” to 330-212-9765 and we’ll respond asap.


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A fake interview with a high-ranking anonymous source inside the actual Cave. (You have our full permission to quote from any part of this interview.)


Do you publish pornography?

We publish romance, erotica and erotic romance. Our romance imprint, called Blush®, features love stories that end in committed relationships. The sensuality in Blush stories may be anything from sweet (kisses only) to sensual but not erotic. Our erotica imprints, Exotika® and EC for Men, focus on a woman’s or man’s sexual journey and adventures. Our erotic romance imprint, Romantica®, has love stories that end in committed relationships and include numerous explicit sex scenes described in graphic language.


There are many definitions of pornography. If you define pornography as work that is sexually stimulating, then you would say that most of what we publish has elements that fit your definition. However, we don’t see sexual pleasure as a shameful thing, as long as it’s between consenting adults. In fact, the pleasurable escapes we offer are healthy—especially for women who have been told for far too long that their sexual urges are sinful, sick or unnatural.


But what we publish is far more than sex. We publish stories with smart, assertive, gutsy heroines on all sorts of quests and adventures. We publish fun fantasies and lush escapes from everyday routine. We publish love stories featuring positive role models for men and women. We have been told by countless women (and men) that our books have improved their sex lives, for themselves and their mates, and we are proud of that. Read what some people have said about how our books have improved their sex lives here.


So, you guys actually make money publishing this stuff?

Yep. With almost 600 authors around the world, books in six languages, a backlist of almost 5,000 books and a release schedule of eight to ten new titles per week, we continue to see sales figures climb steadily.


And we make money for our authors too. Our royalty rates are among the highest in the publishing industry. Some of our authors have been able to quit their day jobs and write full time. Others augment their family income to improve their standard of living.


Wow! Can I write for you?

We are always looking for new talent and fresh voices, and we accept unagented submissions. Check out our submission guidelines here.


What if I’m a guy?

We do have male readers and authors for all of our imprints, but our most recent imprint, called EC for Men, is aimed specifically at male fantasies and desires.


Which genres sell best?

That changes from year to year. The perennial favorites seem to be paranormal, shapeshifter, fantasy and BDSM.


Do you publish regular books too, or just ebooks?

All of our books are initially released as ebooks and many eventually become available in trade paperback.


Where can people buy your books?

Ellora’s Cave ebooks are available on our website and in most major book stores and online sites, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Sony, Google and All Romance eBooks. You can purchase our print books from our webstore, Amazon, and by special order at any bookstore.


Who are the Ellora’s Cavemen?

The Ellora’s Cavemen are our exclusive cover models for a contracted period of time, during which they model for book covers, ads, calendars and other promo items; and appear at conventions and tradeshows. Most of them are fitness trainers and dancers, and many have other careers as well.


Tell me more about RomantiCon.

RomantiCon is Ellora’s Cave’s annual gathering of fans, authors, aspiring authors, editors, Cavemen, and industry insiders for four days of parties, sexy floorshows, games, prizes, workshops, discussions, shopping, swag, food, drink, dancing, laughing. Hosted by our founder, the inimitable Jaid Black, it is an event unlike any other. For details, visit our RomantiCon site.


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