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How to Download Your Books


After you complete your ebook purchase, click the Bookshelf link on the left panel. There you will see all of the books you have purchased with download links beneath each one.


  1. Click the download button.
  2. Select your preferred format.
  3. Use the browser window to select the location where you wish to save the ebook file.


Important note: For most ebook readers, you must first download the book to your computer and then move to your reader.


To transfer your ebook to your preferred device, you might need instructions from the manufacturer of the application or device. For more information and troubleshooting tips, see below.


Support for eReaders

Bluefire Reader:

Adobe Digital Editions


Adobe Reader




Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get your books onto my Kindle?

The easiest way is to download books to your computer in PRC mobipocket format. From your free kindle address, send the book as an attachment to Amazon. They will convert the format to their software and send back to you. Save the file and transfer it via the USB cable to your Kindle.


How do I get your books onto my Nook?

Download books to your computer in ePub format. Connect your Nook to your computer with the USB cable provided when you bought your Nook. The process for moving books to your Nook varies, depending on which model you have. You should refer to your Nook user guide for instructions for your model.


How can I get your books on my iPad?

Simply log onto the EC website from your iPad, purchase and download the books in ePub format directly to the iPad. You can also drag and drop ePub book files into iTunes. They will be organized in the iBook section of your iPad.


There are also many ways to read ebooks from other sources or convert from other formats for your iPad. The numerous apps for reading ebooks on the iPad, include Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Comixology. iPhone ebook apps also should work on the iPad. Stanza is one of the best.


You can use Calibre, a free conversion program, to convert other files to ePub format.


The iBooks app works with your PDF documents. You add PDFs to iBooks in two ways: Select a PDF document from an email message on your iPad and open it in the iBooks app, where it appears on your bookshelf. Or add a PDF to your iTunes library on your Mac or PC and sync it to your iPad. In iBooks, you can tap a button to switch between viewing your iBooks titles and PDFs.


How do I get your books on my Android Phone?

Both ePub and PDF formats are compatible with this type of cell phone. Mobile downloads to the Android phone and Aldiko app are not fully supported by the EC webstore. If you experience difficulties downloading ebooks purchased from our webstore to your Android phone, please email and specify which format you want. Service will email you the file. Download it directly from your email to your Android. If you use Gmail, access it through the browser, NOT the app, which doesn’t have a download file function.


How do I get my books to my Sony?

Download the books to your computer in ePub format. Connect your Sony by way of the USB cable to your computer. Open your Sony elibrary. Go to File>Import Files and select the folder on your computer where all of your ebooks are stored. Select the first book to import. At the popup box, select OPEN and the book will then show in your Sony library listing. Do this to all of your books. Click and drag each title in the Sony library to READER Icon on the left sidebar of the library. Drop each title here until all are moved. You can either keep your Sony plugged into the USB cable or unplug and enjoy the books.