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Even Naughtier Nuptials [Paperback]

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Format Paperback

Imprint: Romantica®
Line: Aeon
Themes: Shapeshifter
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Even Naughtier Nuptials


Stories from this print anthology are also available as individual ebooks.


Wedding Jitters by Brynn Paulin

Dara is a fairy and she doesn't like it. But what's a girl to do when she's the fifth daughter of the fifth generation? The fifth daughter is always a fairy. Dara uses magic to hide her nature while she lives as a human but one thing is sure to blow her cover.

Sex — hot, out-of-control sex.

On the eve of her wedding to the most boring human she could find, another man, the Prince of Fairy, arrives intent on two things — making Dara reveal her wings and claiming her as his very own — by whatever means necessary.


Bridesmaid and the Beast by Marianne LaCroix

Bridesmaid and the Beast is a companion story to Beast in My Bed.

It's been eight blissful months since I, Sophia Monroe, Luckiest Woman in the World, found Greg, my British hunk of burning love, who also happens to be a complete animal in bed. But just when I thought life couldn't be sweeter, both of us were tapped to be in a coworker's wedding, which got me thinking — why hasn't Greg mentioned the M word?

So now, in the middle of surviving a bridal "storm", dealing with a drunken bride and trying to live down the sorbet-colored Bridesmaid Dress from Hell, I've become obsessed with wondering what I was — or wasn't — doing that made Greg altar-shy.

I'm trying to be patient…really! But at thirty-two, I'm just not satisfied with "boyfriend" anymore. If I have anything to say about it, Greg will be popping more than champagne corks before this wedding is through.


Seducing the Enemy by Anna J.Evans

Ancient prophecy says an Artuan first daughter will sit at the left hand of the king, but be as his right…

Astrid of the Artuan tribe will liberate her people from exile on the harsh jungle planet of Tiber…even if it means kidnapping a prince. Prince Jorunn's father ordered all the males of her clan killed fifteen years ago to secure his throne. Forcing the prince to perform the handfasting ceremony that will make her his queen seems a small sin in comparison.

Prince Jorunn can't believe the woman he mistook for a prostitute dared to drug him and take him back to her tribe for a marriage ceremony. The only thing more unbelievable is that a part of him — the part addled by the drug she slipped him, no doubt — doesn't think wedding this fierce and beautiful, kind and wanton woman would be such a bad idea.


Tentacles of Love by Margaret L. Carter

Lauren wonders why her fiancé Blake won't undress completely in front of her or consummate their sex play. Does his reticence have something to do with his family's eccentric customs and pagan rituals?

Before the wedding, when Blake takes Lauren to visit the family beach house where he plans for the two of them to spend their honeymoon, her questions are answered. First, he introduces her to his twin brother, who lives in a boarded-up attic room…for a very good reason. Then Blake finally takes his shorts off and their lovemaking expands to a whole new dimension.


Lucky Number Seven by Anh Leod

Meet the hottest werewolf in town.

When Vi Lane's cheating fiancé cancels their wedding only the day before the big event, she decides she's never going to trust a man again. But that doesn't mean she's willing to give up sex! In fact, she promises herself she'll experiment with the next man she sees. When she has a flat tire a few hours later, she's thrilled to see Cere come to her rescue. Little does she know his werewolf pack, Brotherhood of the Dog, has declared her to be Cere's true mate.

Can she learn to trust again, especially with a man who is hiding his true identity from the world? Will Cere himself be satisfied with a human mate? The Brotherhood is waiting for their answer.


This Side of Desperate by Heather Holland

Marissa is an angel from the top of her veiled head to the tips of her dainty feet, and Stone wants her with every fiber of his being. She appeals to everything within him, including his dark beast, and when she climbs out the window into his waiting arms, the wolf throws back his head and howls in excitement.

This woman is hot to the touch and liquid fire in his arms. When she claws his back and screams his name, he knows she's the one for him. However, things aren't as simple as they may seem. When danger finds them, Stone must do whatever it takes to keep his runaway bride safe.


Wedding Stud by Eve Vaughn

Desperate for a date to her cousin's wedding, Penny Marsh resorts to contacting an escort service. Little does she know, Studs for Hire is no ordinary escort service, but a cover for a mate-finding business for lonely immortals.

Nicholas has spent centuries searching for his true mate, and finally finds her in a lovely date for the night. He falls for the shy beauty right away, but how will she react when she learns the truth about Studs for Hire? And that he's a vampire.

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