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frequently asked questions

  • QWho are those delicious Ellora’s Cavemen and how can I get a date with one?
  • AThe Ellora’s Cavemen are our exclusive cover models contracted for a period of time. During that time, they model for book covers, ads, calendars and other promo items; and they appear at conventions and tradeshows. Most of them are fitness trainers and dancers, and many have other careers as well. We can’t get you a date, but we can tell you that they all love to dance with the guests at our own annual convention RomantiCon.
  • QDo you publish pornography?
  • AWe publish romance, erotica and erotic romance. Our romance imprint, called Blush®, features love stories that end in committed relationships. Our erotica imprints, Exotika® and EC for Men, focus on a woman or man’s sexual journey and adventures. Our erotic romance imprint, called Romantica®, has love stories that end in committed relationships and include numerous explicit sex scenes described in graphic language. There are many definitions of pornography. If you define pornography as work that is sexually stimulating, then you would say that most of what we publish has elements that fit your definition. However, we don’t see sexual pleasure as a shameful thing, as long as it’s between consenting adults. In fact, the pleasurable escapes we offer are healthy—especially for women who have been told for far too long that their sexual urges are sinful, sick, or unnatural. But what we publish is far more than sex. We publish stories with smart, assertive, gutsy heroines on all sorts of quests and adventures. We publish fun fantasies and lush escapes from everyday routine. We publish love stories featuring positive role models for men and women. We have been told by countless women (and men) that our books have improved their sex lives, with themselves and their mates, and we are proud of that. Read what some people have said about how our books have improved their sex lives here.
  • QDoes the name Ellora's Cave mean what I think it means?
  • AProbably not, but given what we publish, it makes for a catchy double entendre ;-) Ellora's Cave was actually named after the Ellora Caves of India, an ancient network of caverns containing temples and hieroglyphic writings archeologists still have not deciphered the meaning of.
  • QMy wife is reading your books. Should I be worried?
  • ANo, you should buy her more and read them with her. Act out some of the scenes together. We promise it will spice up your sex life! Read what some people have said about how our books have improved their sex lives here.
  • QWhen are you putting your titles into print?
  • AStories become available in print anywhere from six months to several years after digital release. Please note that all our books will remain available as ebooks, as we feel this is where the future of reading lies. You can search our site to see which books are already in print.
  • QTell me more about RomantiCon.
  • ARomantiCon is Ellora’s Cave’s annual gathering of fans, authors, aspiring authors, editors, Cavemen, and industry insiders for four days of parties, sexy floorshows, games, prizes, workshops, shopping, swag, costume parties, food, drink, dancing, laughing, more parties and other fun stuff you can’t even imagine. Hosted by our founder, the inimitable Jaid Black, it is an event unlike any other, where everyone mingles and there are no strangers by the end of the weekend. Go to our RomantiCon site to learn more about this amazing event.
  • QI’m interested in learning about writing books for you. What should I do?
  • AWe are always looking for new talent and we welcome agented and unagented submissions. Read our submission guidelines here. If you want to learn more about how to write erotic romance, you should start by reading our editors’ blog Redlines and Deadlines for loads of tips and discussions about the genre. You might also think about attending RomantiCon, our annual convention, where you can take workshops and meet authors, editors and other industry insiders. It’s also a good idea to join professional writers’ organizations, such as Romance Writers of America and read industry magazines such as RT BookReviews to learn about the genre and industry. Passionate Ink is the erotic chapter of RWA. We suggest you build your writing skills by attending writing classes and workshops and joining a writers’ critique group.