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About Alicia Maddox

I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, sci-fi and romance, and one day it dawned on me that I didn’t want to just read it, I wanted to write it. Heck, I’m usually fantasizing about being on a beach with a pina colada and a sexy, space alien cabana boy anyway – so it only made sense to take that a step further, put it down on paper, and spread the love around.

When not writing or at my other job, I spend my time with my dear husband, two dogs and two cats. While we adore our lives, my husband would be the first to wish an occasional James Bond-like adventure would sneak up and smack us upside the head. I always tell him-that’s what our imaginations are for! Besides, if somebody actually handed me a gun, you know I’d accidentally shoot him in the foot or something. At least he hopes it would be just his foot.