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About Charlene Leatherman
I love stories about strong women. I find historical women like Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth and Deborah, Judge of Israel to be fascinating. In my stories, my women are strong. Strong-willed, physically and mentally strong. They are faced with problems that demand as much as they can give, and they give it. In my life, I have lived as a strong woman who does not give up no matter what is thrown my way. I fight to discover the solution to a problem and solve it.

I live in a tiny town in California. It was founded by gold miners in the early 1920's. The population is about 150 people and swells to about 1000 during the winter with tourists. I am the caregiver for my quadriplegic husband of 35 years. I have two wonderful sons and two marvelous daughters-in-law. I have two grandbabies, one from each son. I love being a wife, a mom, a grandmother, and a writer.

I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but never tried to get published. I am thrilled to be working with Cerridwen Press. I visit exotic worlds with my characters. I reach for the stars with them. I fight with them. I fight the good fight, defeat the bad guy and win the love of my life. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.