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About Christie Walker Bos
When looking for her soul mate, Christie Walker Bos made a “man list” with 65 items, created a “magical” ceremony and buried the list in the mountains. Two months later, her “magical man” appeared with 63 of the 65 required traits, so she had no choice but to marry the guy. Now she lives with her soul mate Robbie in a mountaintop community in California surrounded by pine trees, crazed squirrels and an orchestra of birds.

The author of three romantic comedies from Cerridwen Press, Ms. Walker Bos is also a photographer, multi-published non-fiction author, editor for the optical industry, professional jewelry maker, environmentalist and feminist. Ms. Walker Bos has embraced her love of romantic comedy, with plans for dozens of new books in the years to come.

“What is life and love without a liberal dash of humor? I want to laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters in every novel I read and write.”

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