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About Elizabeth Stewart
Liz began her career at age three when she started telling her own stories to her dolls and favorite stuffed bear. Her older sister taught her to write at six so she immediately began writing down her stories and reading them to her family. At seven, she decided to become a writer. She won several creative-writing contests in grammar school and by the time she’d moved on to high school, she was working on the school newspaper and had a “lending library” of her popular stories that circulated amongst her peers. Her first paying writing job was in her teens working for the local newspaper, interviewing celebrities who appeared at the local theater-in-the-round.

Liz married, had children, and took a “real” job while she went to college at night, finally earning her degree in Business but never giving up her writing. During this time, she continued to learn her craft and hone her skills. Several years ago, she decided to devote herself to writing seriously. Since that time, she’s had several short stories and novels published. Her work ranges over several genres, from romance to the paranormal.

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