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About Elle Amour
A Woman poised on the edge of discovery. That is who I am. If we watch closely enough, we find who we are by what we do. I love to write. I love the alternative worlds that the mind drops into when dreaming. It’s liberating, it’s invigorating. It is an exploration. It’s a creation. I believe in dreams. I believe in the power of dreams to motivate you. Dreaming is a gift. Pursue it, pursue the thoughts, I say to myself. To whatever end. For who knows where the journey will take me? I’ll never know what I can achieve until I garner the courage and take the first step.

So in this, Elle is a woman of discovery, an explorer, an adventurer. Now, I must admit, I developed the nom de plume so readers will know they’re getting a different kind of book from my others written under Lise Fuller. Yes, I still love the action and adventure, and will always have some of that in my works, but as I kept writing as Elle, more things of wonder came to me, and I hope, as you read my works, the same will come to you. As to the name? I took it from the French—“Elle” for “she” and “Amour” for love. She loves.

This is what I do, who I am. Join me on the journey.

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