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About Emjai Colbert
Emjai Colbert, pronounced simply as two initials and a French pretension in the same vein as cousins Steven and Claudette (no relation…really), didn't graduate college though she did go for several years. She studied history mostly (Pirate 101 wasn't offered), with stops in early childhood education (where she discovered a dislike for any rug rats she didn't give birth to and left quickly) and business (she didn't want to wear one of those silly power suits). She wanted very much to study theater and fencing but didn't have the time or guts but hey, she's still young so maybe one day...

Emjai loves her children, her husband, books, music and crime dramas, in that order. However, Emjai does not love to write. No matter how much she wishes this weren't true, she can't escape the fact that she is possessed by people other than herself who demand that she sit with a keyboard on her lap for hours on end and peck out their story. Needless to say, Emjai is constantly on the lookout for new ways to not write. Frequently eBay and Spider Solitaire are the main conspirators.

Emjai makes her home along the steamy Alabama Gulf Coast. She has four children, and two cats who think they are dogs. She has had many jobs, from pizza delivery (where she was last hit on by an ugly transvestite) to seamstress (she possesses the secret to how those crew neck T-shirts get their crew neck). When she grows up she wants to be a pirate queen...move over Anne Bonney. Wait, Emjai has no current plans to ever grow up...Anne Bonney is safe for now.

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