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About Fletchina Archer
A guy’s foot was coming at my head at ninety miles an hour. In a move I practiced in the choreographed karate forms called katas, I instinctively raised my arm to block the kick. The guy was on the floor. “It WORKS,” I thought amazed at what I’d done. Each kata has a story about how you’re dispatching bad guys right and left. Here comes another one! Kick!

Sensei pairs us up, one person with a padded shield, the other with bare hands. “Hammer blow,” he says. I wang the shield with my fist. “HARD!” Sensei shouts. I try again. “SCREAM!” he says. I try with a scream. “Relax,” he says. I tense up. “I SAID RELAX.” It doesn’t help. I try again. “Give it everything you have.” I try again with a scream to curdle blood and focus all the power of my body behind my fist to move the target holder. “That’s more like it.”

“Wow,” I thought. “You really can use this karate to kick bad-guy ass.

Karate is so different from the slowly moving forms of T’ai Chi I’d been practicing ’til then. Mostly gentle, T’ai chi is also method of combat—not being there when someone wants to hurt you, the subtle art of getting out of the way and using the attacker’s own force to your advantage. Karate, the hard form; T’ai Chi, the soft form.

Another union of hard and soft is yoga, which is even slower and not at all combative. When my yoga teacher taught me about Tantra, the meditations and forms that tap the cosmic energy of the union of the male and female elements and help us become conscious of the sexual energy all around us, everything came together.

My Secret Sex Life features a woman who keeps her vivid and experimental sexuality hidden from the world. Ménage á Spies is about how a Latin American sociologist, his sister, three FBI agents who are watching them (the spies), a college student, and the two women at the center of everything come together with karate, yoga, and T’ai chi, love and lots of love and sex.

I was born, raised and attended college in Colorado. My erotic fiction and essays have been published at several online sites as well as in print.

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