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About Fran Lee

Fran Lee began writing romance novels at the tender age of fourteen. She wrote dozens of fabulous romances…then hid them in a box under her bed so no one would see them. But life has a way of  intruding on a budding writing career—namely, paying the bills, raising a family and the usual run-of-the-mill things that leave a writer no time to pursue a career as frivolous as authoring romance books. Anyway, that’s what everyone told her. But she never gave up on her childhood dreams of writing. 

When the romance climate finally changed from purple prose to sexy, she decided it was time to begin submitting to publishers. Unfortunately, the reject letters all stated the same thing. “Too hot for our readers. Try sending it to Playboy or Penthouse.” She continued to pen short stories and novels, carefully packing them away until some nebulous future date when she would find a publisher that would not tell her that her work was scandalously erotic and unprintable. 

Then she read a book by Jaid Black, checked the internet to see who published those sexy romances, and found Ellora’s Cave. She eagerly submitted a novel. It was rejected—because it was “not hot enough”. Wow! How times do change! 

With a freshly sharpened pen, she totally let her inner vixen loose, adding the missing heat. She resubbed it and found a whole new niche in life. She now has over a dozen erotic romances with Ellora’s Cave, and as far as Fran is concerned, the long, dry wait was well worth it.


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