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About Grace Samuels
Who am I? I’m the woman you pass on the street who smiles at you. I’m your best friend with that tiny secret you wonder about. Ultimately, I’m you. A lover of romance and someone who sees life in bright colors.

There are so many amazing wonders in the world we live in, so many questions as to who we are, our mythologies and belief systems, how we were able to build the civilizations of the ancient world and what some of their purposes were. Every time I am at a dig site (be it underwater or on the surface) a city center, temple or standing on top of a pyramid, I can “see” the shadows of those who built, lived, gave birth and died in those places. They might walk by and smile or show the sorrow of their world being destroyed by nature or an invading force.

Recently, as something to satisfy my own imagination (remember that within every myth, there is a grain of truth) I began blending my love of romance and some very naughty places to make love, with the mysteries of our ancient selves. Hopefully, I’ve created something that not only satisfies the sophisticated, passionate person you are, but I do so in a way that is not necessarily in the most common or expected way. Good reading!

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