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About Haven Isley
It was a true case of puppy love for Haven Isley, when she was seven years old and set eyes on her piano teacher’s seven-year-old grandson. Sadly, it was an unrequited love, but it did have a happy ending. It gave Haven the desire to write all about it in her diary. Not just a few words, but lots and lots. And when she finished writing the tall tale, guess what? She got the guy. This is the reason Haven thrives on writing romances—everything from nice boy meets sweet girl to sizzling, hot Tarzan wants sexy-as-hell Jane. Now!

Haven is a marketer. She is also a songwriter, an antiques huntress, and an eager traveler in search of hidden oases and down home cooking. She thinks of herself as a perfect blend of a little bit country (because of her southern roots), and a little bit suburban (because of where she lives). Nevertheless, Haven feels most at home, no matter the locale, when she can grab a pen and paper, or her computer, and create stories that EC readers will love and remember. So email Haven and let her know which one of her tall tales you enjoyed the most.

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