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About Isabella Montwright
A French Canadian law graduate at the age of 23, Isabella Montwright, after practicing law for 11 years, became head of the legal department of an established alcohol firm and wine bottler. Her secret passion for writing evolved, and thus in 1996 Isabella wrote her first manuscript depicting the enigmatic Lorelei Duplessis, renowned chef and sommelier. Shortly after writing this story, Isabella Montwright, like the character she created, met the man of her life in Italy. Together they created the company which houses an important Italian wine collection named after the fictitious, Lorelei Duplessis.

Isabella's writing and culinary careers continue to evolve in tandem. She was asked to join the brotherhood of "La Chaine Des Rotisseurs" a French culinary association which dates back in 1248, when the king of France first gives recognition to the chefs of the royal household. Her enthronization took place in the picturesque castle of Merano, in Northern Italy where reality meets with dreams.

Today, Isabella writes in her free time and is chef in a wine and food tasting bar she operates in Southern Italy with three friends, built on the ruins of the palace of the Emperor Frederick II, (whom some say is often seen roaming the gardens on which it was built).

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