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About Jenna Castille

It’s always the quiet ones…

Mild-mannered Jenna Castille lives a rather normal life with her husband and daughter in Las Vegas. Only her husband and closest friends know about the twists and turns her imagination takes. She’s loved fantasy and horror stories since childhood. Then she discovered romance and Romantica. As a writer, she never could figure out which genre she liked better, so she decided to throw them all in a pot to see what came out.

Her husband still shakes his head every time she describes one of her plots, but he’s always more than willing to help with any “hands on” research she might require. And her friends love to read her stories. They tell her that at least now they understand the glassy stares and all the mumbling to herself. Happily, they don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Being a writer is much better than being committed.

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