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About Jodi Lynn Copeland
Jodi Lynn Copeland discovered her love for writing at an early age and soon after that came an even greater love for hot, steamy romances—some riddled with humor and fun, others chock full of enough dark and emotional baggage to sink a ship. Jodi is married to her real life hero and has more than a dozen children, though only one of them is human and two-legged.

Jodi is an all-around tomboy at heart, which you can often see shades of in her writing. When she isn’t writing or spending time at the day job she likes to pretend she really doesn’t have, Jodi can be found in the great outdoors, scrapbooking, watching the discovery channel, CSI or 24, or on any given Sunday sacked out on the couch with her husband and stepson, taking in the latest NASCAR race.

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