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About Katherine Ivy
Kat knew early in life that there had been some mistake. She was either born in the wrong time, or the wrong place, or both! Don't get her wrong, she loves her family, her home in New England, dental hygiene, and modern medicine, but there's just something about the past that draws her in. She feels completely at home reading historical romance, or a fantasy novel, so it's no surprise that she writes historical romance, paranormal/fantasy romance, and high fantasy.

Of course, Kat readily admits that if she had been born in an earlier century, she would have ended up burnt at the stake as a witch for her strong ideals and inability to keep her mouth shut when she feels passionate about something.

Kat grew up as a scientist and has a BS in Geology, but her life took a turn when she went to grad school. She decided to follow her heart, rather than her head, and earned her MA degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Now she follows her dreams instead of a lab manual, and has been writing ever since.

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