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About Kathleen Lash
Kathleen Lash wrote her first novel with a friend at thirteen. She eventually married the “bad boy" who, a few decades later, provides wild times and stability. Working full time as a supervisor, she holds a Bachelor's in business, and continues to rebuild the highly affordable, unique fixer-upper. Leisure hours are packed with writing, stock car racing, demolition derby driving, Toyota bonfires (cutting torch plus fuel line equals hysterical laughter and a newspaper article in the local paper—sorry, sweetie), motorcycle and horseback rides, fun with adult children (boys, girls and adorable dogs), and trips to various states and Mexico.

Affiliations with the Romance Writers of America and the Northeastern Ohio Romance Writers groups have allowed Kathleen to hone her skills and give characters a rich past and precarious future. Kathleen is also published in other romance genres.

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