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About Kira Stone
Kira Stone lives in a warm, many-chambered cave tucked away in the Scottish Highlands. A diverse group of ever-changing characters keeps her company. As they relax in front of a roaring fire, devils dance her delight and angels sing her bawdy songs. Faerie folk often stop in for a cup of mulled wine and to listen to Kira tell passion-filled stories. If you look in the dark shadows, you might even find a sexy human hanging around too. And when daylight turns to dusk, together they somehow find a way to keep the cold, uncaring world at bay for another night…

Okay, maybe not. LOL.

When multi-published author Kira Stone isn’t living in a fantasy world, she’s writing about one from her ordinary house in Ohio with a few feline companions (who don’t sing nearly as well as the angels do). Is it any wonder she prefers the cave?

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