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About Lillian Feisty
Despite a lingering fascination with Aqua Net and Camaros, Lillian Feisty has finally outgrown her wild youth and settled down to do what she has always dreamed of doing: writing romance novels.

Why Romance novels, you ask? Well, it all started when she was 14 and discovered Jane Austen. After reading Pride and Prejudice in one day, Lillian promptly decided each book she read thereafter would include a version of Mr. Darcy. She soon realized that the only place in the library where she was likely to find such a thing, was the section with well-worn paperbacks featuring beefy heroes and half-naked ladies displaying '80's hairdos and 19th century costumes. She read these "trashy book", as her grandmother used to call them, with an insatiable appetite. Once she had plowed through the library's collection, Lilli began writing her own romances. Her first story featured a hero with a striking resemblance to Jon Bon Jovi; of course, he drove a Camaro.

Although she spent the majority of her twenties working just long enough to pay for extended trips to Europe, Lilli also managed to earn a degree in Creative Arts and snag her very own hero. Although she continued to write, it was only when she turned 30 that Lilli realized she wasn't getting any younger, and it was time to get to work on that dream of writing romance novels for a living.

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