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About M.A. Ellis

M.A. Ellis is a firm believer that everyone should pursue their dreams…no matter how long it takes to achieve them. She wrote her first short story, What I Want To Be When I Grow Up, many decades ago. It was read by a total of seven people. (For those who are interested, the answer to that intriguing statement was a toss-up between a veterinarian and a nun.)

Thanks to the encouragement of a creative writing guru at Northern Kentucky University, M.A. stepped out of her neat little writing boundaries and tried her hand at erotic poetry, which ultimately led her to where she is today—devising tales of hot encounters and steamy romances that always have happy endings. It’s a vocation she truly loves, equally as rewarding as furry, four-legged creatures and a heck of a lot more entertaining than Friday nights at the nunnery.

Originally from the land of pierogies and black & gold sports memorabilia, M.A. now resides in southwest Florida, where she’s never at a loss for inspiration. The sunsets are always amazing, the fishing is stellar and weekly beach volleyball can definitely be considered a “research” mission.

When not writing or reading, M.A. concentrates on honing her master baking skills, focusing on the realms of cheesecake and chocolate, which happen to be her favorite alliterations in all the world.

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