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About S.W. Vaughn
S.W. Vaughn lives in scenic, temperate (in other words, bloody cold) central New York, with her husband, son, sister, two nephews, twelve cats, one dog and assorted wildlife. She drinks a lot of coffee and doesn’t wear socks. She has been failing to learn Japanese for several years.

First and foremost, Vaughn is a writer. In addition, she has also held the following fascinating jobs: McSlave(tm), gas station attendant, department secretary (don’t ask what department), parking lot watcher, really bad waitress, shuttle bus rider counter, glass bottle sorter, door-to-door perfume salesperson, newspaper assembler, spin doctor, editor and freelance chauffeur.

Vaughn publishes in several genres. Most of them are paranormal, and all of them favor the dark side. However, she’s a really nice person. Honest.