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About Tiffany Bryan
Tiffany Bryan lives in a suburb of Cleveland, where the only thing more fickle than the weather is her imagination. A late life baby, born in the year of the "Dragon" and the youngest of three girls, she found boundaries were something to be tested instead of adhered to. Since she is happily married to a man who provides an inexhaustible amount of inspiration and support, it was a fate-driven step from reading romances to writing them.

A staunch believer of including children in your life and not wrapping your life around them, she celebrates being an empty nester with the same enthusiasm she delegates to any new adventure. After her son and daughter left, Tiffany took the opportunity to do a little wing-spreading of her own and has since attached her scuba diving certification in the deep blue waters of Hawaii and filled the space in the garage where her daughter's car once sat with a shiny new Harley.
Her creativity, coupled with her dare-to-try anything attitude, ensures when you delve between the pages of her books you're guaranteed an entertaining and steamy read.

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