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Tracking Apps and Other Information

Many of you must have heard about applications which are usually addressed as phone tracker app. As the name mentions, a phone tracker app is a spyware software which monitors, tracks or even detects any mobile device where the software has been installed. These applications can be used for ethical hacking or monitoring by experts, but there are a number of such apps on the internet which can be downloaded by anyone to monitor your or someone else’s mobile device.

What is a Spyware?

Phone tracker apps can also be known as spyware apps or software. These apps collect data from any mobile device, store it into a cloud server and then send all the data to the one who is monitoring the device’s performance. For example – the most common usage of spyware software is used by several websites to record user behaviour to increase the advertisement traffic.

There are a number of such spyware applications available in the market, which can be bought or even downloaded for free.

Who Uses Mobile Tracker for Smartphone?

Mobile tracker for smartphones is used by a number of people, which includes people from the government, law enforcement agencies, police, military forces, employers of a particular company or even by someone who has security issues about their family member. These phone tracker apps monitor the user’s activities of the mobile, what they do, where they go and even whom they call. The article doesn’t encourage or sponsor such activities, but is trying to provide knowledge about the mobile apps which can be downloaded by people who have security issues about their own phone or anyone who needs it for personal and commercial needs.

Now some people might start questioning about who can use these mobile trackers for smartphones. Mobile trackers are used by people belonging to different backgrounds – one, who has security concerns with their phone, by employees who can to keep a tab of mobiles of their employees and even by a parent who wants to monitor their children’s activities. A person using this means to keep an eye on the information and behavioural activity must or has the responsibility of informing the person who is using a phone where data is being collected.

List of Mobile Tracking Apps for Android

Now that we know about what phone tracker app is, here is a list of the most used mobile tracking apps for Android smartphones.


Hoverwatch is one the best and most common phone tracker software which is being used by people for monitoring smartphones. This software can be used on a wide range of platforms, including an Android device. It was initially launched in 2011 and was meant for parents to have a parental and monitoring power to see what their kids are doing on a mobile.


FlexiSpy is another such mobile tracking app that can give data and information from a target phone to a receiver. It is a free software (Premium version also available) which is most preferable among Android devices because of its easy user face and live call interception. With this feature, the tracker can listen to the live conversation between the target and the person whom the target is calling or has called.


Spybubble is also one mobile tracking app that is preferred on Android devices. This spyware is quite famous and recommended among parent to track and monitor what their kids are doing on their smartphones. Like other spyware and mobile tracking devices, this software has features like checking into the user activity of the target remotely, viewing accessories, chats, calls, messages and even a live GPS tracker to know about the target’s real time location.

Alternatives to Other Phone Tracking App

All the software mentioned on the list above are paid services which might be an expensive way to keep a track on the target. Though phone tracking app is considered as the modern and an easy way to keep a tab on the target remotely, there are alternatives to tracking a smartphone as well.

REFOG Keylogger

Running unobtrusively and undetectable in the background of your computer, Refog Keylogger for Windows will store everything your kids, copy and paste on the computer, capture periodic snapshots of the computer’s screen, log chats and social networking conversations and keep track of all Web resources and applications used on that PC and MAC OS.


SpyHuman is considered as an all-in-one, mobile tracking software especially meant for Android devices. The features of this software include access to the target’s messages, GPS, call recording, social media sites monitoring and much more. This software is available at free of cost and can be downloaded from their original website.

ProtectMe Mobile Tracker

The ProtectMe Mobile Tracker is another spyware software alternative that can be used by parents to ensure their children’s protection through a remote server. This software gives access to the target mobile’s camera, GPS location and even call recording. The spyware is available everywhere on the internet online for downloading purposes.

Logskit Android Monitoring App

As the name suggests, this mobile tracking device is also one of the best alternatives among phone tracker apps. Unlike other mobile tracking services, this app can control certain features of the target phone, extracts phone logs and sends it to the tracker. Though it collects data, the app is only able to send the data to the target given that the mobile data of the target mobile is on.

Testimony of a Phone Tracker App

Parents have always been curious and even worried about their child’s whereabouts. A single mother living in Ohio used to worry about his boy, who would stay out of the house for long hours at night. She got to know about the spyware and phone tracking apps which are available online and downloaded one at a premium price. After carefully installing it in his child’s mobile, she accessed his whereabouts and found that he would usually go to a cheap pub and buy drugs from a seller. It is only through the help of the spyware that she was able to stop her boy from falling into more trouble and saving him on time.


Tracking apps available on the internet is a new way of surveillance that can be done by common like it. One should consider that such tracking activities are to ensure safety and look into productivity records. Phone tracker app is the best way to know about the behaviour and patterns of the user within social circles.