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About Carolynn Carey
Carolynn Carey has had a lifelong love affair with the written word. She started (and quickly abandoned) her first novel in elementary school. In high school she was editor of the school paper and worked after school for the newspaper published weekly in the rural county where she grew up. In college she majored in journalism and again worked on the school newspaper. Her career didn't deviate much from her earliest love: She has been an academic editor for her entire working life.

Fiction writing had always been a dream for Carolynn, one that stayed a bit out of reach until she decided to become serious about learning the craft. She joined the Romance Writers of America and then a local chapter of RWA. It took a few years of writing and learning, but she is now an award-winning author.

Carolynn is married and has one daughter, who also loves the written word. No telling where that might lead!

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