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About Gail DeYoung
Gail DeYoung has had a love affair with books since she was a little girl. She was hooked when she discovered that stories could take her to amazing worlds where heroes and heroines could tackle insurmountable odds, yet live happily ever after. She admits to loving books more than food, and yet if you tasted her home cooking, you’d swear she’d make a fabulous chef if she pursued that career. But her writing ranks up there with a few other things that she loves and make her smile—her two amazing children, two furry Siamese cats and three tanks of exotic fish.

Gail’s overactive imagination always questions “what if” and she often daydreams about scenarios for her next story. Living in South Florida was a dream that she fulfilled. For the past thirty years, the balmy breezes, palm trees and surf crashing upon the shoreline have satisfied her soul, and they often show up as settings in her stories.

She used to say said she’d try anything once, but that was before someone suggested sky diving, mountain climbing, swimming with sharks and bungee jumping. Nowadays she prefers the comfort of her chair in front of the computer, where the most dangerous thing she faces is writer’s block. She lets her characters tackle the impossible challenges and all she has to do is make sure they have a happy ending. She welcomes readers to explore the fantastic world of her imagination where anything is possible and most likely will happen.

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