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About Lise Fuller
This award winning author, after writing and producing a neighborhood play at the tender age of six (earning all of twenty cents), took a sabbatical of many years before she found the love of creative writing again. Now, having earned her MBA and CPA, raised four children (three as a single parent), Lise brings her adventurous spirit and extensive experience to her captivating stories. Lise has traveled to several countries, studying the culture and enjoying the native way of life, and has explored our world from the watery depths of the Caribbean to the heights of the Rocky Mountains. Having married her hero, an ex-82nd Airborne paratrooper, she devotes her time to writing, educating the couple's thirteen-year-old, and her own personal accomplishment--body sculpting. Some comments of her work include ~

- It's the BEST I've a very long time!
- The emotion! Fast paced and sexy.
- You just know it's going "to be Hot."- Great hooks! Drew me in right away.
- You have a great voice. Love your characters!

Lise is always happy to hear from her fans. Please write to her at P.O. Box 26233, Colorado Springs, CO 80936, or visit her website.

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