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About Lyra Marlowe
Lyra Marlowe has been writing since—well, since she learned to write. Her very first book was selected to be read at the Young Author’s Conference for elementary school students. They told her she could write, and she’s never stopped.

As a teen, she conspired with her best friend to write a young adult novel. In college, she wrote plays that were performed by the theater department, and managed to find an actor boyfriend in the process. She wrote poems, newsletter articles and even a short story about a head in a box. After college she married the actor. One year he suggested that they write erotic stories for each other. She tried it. She liked it. A lot. Since then she’s published several books and short stories.

Lyra has lived on the shores of Lake Erie all her life, but dreams of a land where it never snows. She and her husband have three children, two insolent cats and a bewildered dog. They share a 110-year-old Victorian home with a gentle grandmother ghost who loves babies but hates painted woodwork and the color purple.

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