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About Megan Kerans
Megan Kerans began creating short stories long before she could read. Growing up, she traveled extensively and quickly developed a love of new places and cultures. If she wasn't reading about daring escapades, she was watching them in the form of Indiana Jones, Errol Flynn high seas swashbuckling films or Star Wars. Together they gave her a love of adventure, romance, and story telling.

After several failed attempts at penning category romances, Megan realized she might be on the wrong path after noticing her office decor resembled Tim Burton's Corpse Bride more than Cosmo. Armed with this knowledge and unique imagination, she switched to adventure and paranormal romance and the challenge of exploring sex hotter than the Sahara, along with timeless legends and exciting adventures. The risk led to several sales and she quickly became hooked.

A native Chicagoan with Wisconsin roots, Megan currently lives in Texas with her husband, an overly intelligent Abyassian and two flame point Siamese. The little time not spent writing or cat herding, she enjoys reading, making as many trips as possible to Walt Disney World, photography and graphic design, and listening to a variety of music.

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