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About Sonya Kate Childers
At the age of five, Sonya Kate Childers knew she wanted to become a writer. Through a contest, her short stories were printed in the local newspaper. It wasn't until Sonya saw her first "by-line" in print she knew what her destiny would be.

Sonya met her husband Bert, when he was working as a part-time bouncer and she was an underage drinker trying to get into the club. When Bert asked for identification, she told him she'd lost it. Bert replied, "How about I let you in if you give me your phone number?" Sonya's response? "How about you let me in and I'll give you the rest of the evening to try and get my phone number?" Two weeks later the couple had their first date, and have now been married for seventeen years. Their relationship has survived financial hardship, debilitating illnesses, rough times and tragedy.

In Sonya's limited spare time, say the word, "beach" and she is there. She and her family frequent Galveston, Texas. Sonya's favorite charity is St. Jude's Children's Hospital. The Childers family is also active in SOS America. a nonprofit charity that supports American troops in Iraq and in military hospitals.

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