Getting A SpyApp To Control Boyfriends Phone

Frustrated, angry, sad and confused, the fear of being cheated on is real, and the solution may be to install spy app to monitor your boyfriend’s communication. Last time you lashed out at your boyfriend, accused him of cheating and even went ahead to burn his favorite clothes and shoes, but you were wrong. However this time something tells you, you were right, he’s cheating, then again you might be wrong.

With all the signs clear, the mood swings, the lipstick marks, and the perfume, all that is needed is hard evidence before the big confrontation. With a number of spy app controlling boyfriend’s movements available in the market, getting the best is important to get the evidence you need.

What is spyware for phones?

Spyware is spy software that is used to monitor and obtain information from a particular phone. It will record text messages, phone calls and any other sensitive information that you desire. The data is then sent to the apps server. Running in the background, it cannot be detected by users. Although there are a number of different spyware to control your boyfriend’s phone, some of the most known are:

•  hoverwatch app

•  mspy


Installation of the spyware

The most difficult part of the spyware is the installation process. This is because installation can only be done manually on the target phone. Installation occurs immediately and can be placed back immediately. It will continue to run in the background without the knowledge of the user. The activity of the logs can be easily obtained, by logging into the company web-based control panel using your own password.

Using hoverwatch spyware app, installation of the spyware takes 30 seconds. In addition, it doesn’t show its downloading or installing on the screen, thus making it the best spy app controlling boyfriend software in the market. It’s good to note that installation can never be done remotely and that any company purporting to be able to do this is scamming you. However, there are some additional things one should consider to make it work at optimum. 


The cell phone the spy app is to be installed in has to be downloaded to the phone. However, this does not mean it can work as compatibility is a must. With most spy apps such as hoverwatch, mspy, spyzie working on Android smartphones and iPhones, there are some that do not. Looking at each company’s website will ensure that the user’s phone is on the list of devices that can be supported.

Useful features of spyware

Reality is that most spyware works on the basic stuff such as monitoring of messages, photos, and phone calls. However, this might be limited in some ways as what is needed is a spy app controlling boyfriend’s every phone activity.

With a spyware such as the hoverwatch app, a little bit more can be investigated. One of its most impressive features is the online camera tracking. This means it not only offers access to send and receive photos, but also the camera.

This way one can use it to take photos and use them as desired secretly. It also monitors messages on WhatsApp and Facebook. This is ideal as many do not start affairs on normal messaging but on Facebook, then gradually to WhatsApp before personalizing it with texts. In this case, regardless of the method used, access is guaranteed completely. The best part is that it has the ability to track location, even if the GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off.

What you can find out with spyware?

The answer is pretty much anything and everything. This can simply be done by the use of a web-based control panel. An example is when using the hoverwatch app.

The spyware company records all logs in the target phone. It keeps records of instant messages, emails, photos, videos, contacts, phone calls, texts, and even browser history. Location of the phone is also possible.

With a login key, you are allowed access to the information that you desire. In this case, if your boyfriend said he is going to watch a game with his friends, verifying the information is easy by looking into the last contacts to see who they talked to. If the contact is foreign, then do a little digging and look up the number of times they have contacted the “secret friend”. 

Look up on everything that they share and the times they have met. If it’s anything that screams cheating, simply track the location he is meeting their “secret friend”. You can even seal the deal by showing up and personal to see the look on his face or better yet confront him if you have enough evidence.

How the web-based control panel works

Installing the spyware on your boyfriend’s phone would do nothing for you if you do not have access to it. The web-based control panel works to ensure any information that you need is provided. The spyware of the company you use works by allowing you to check all activities on the phone. 

This includes recorded logs and instant live communication. Phone calls can be listened to on either side, be it the receiver or the caller. Photos, emails, and videos are also shared. Location on a map is also provided accurately to ensure that if a follow up is needed, you get it accurately without any mistakes.

The dashboard allows for:

• Downloading and review in all activities to your PC

•  To remotely control the phone, this is by locking and unlocking the phone. Start recording conversations and even interrupt the phone usage as you desire.

•  Setting up alerts and notifications on activities. This ensures that instant alerts can be noted and you will be informed using text or emails.

The best part about having a spy app for controlling boyfriend’s activities is that it gives you peace of mind. In the event that your boyfriend is actually cheating, it’s better to know it up front and end the relationship, before it brings you more harm and misery.

On the other hand in the event that all those lipstick marks and perfume are just from his mom, you can have the peace of mind that you desired. Better yet, you can remotely delete the spyware, as the spy app for controlling boyfriend’s phone is no longer needed.

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